July 22 Terror pictures

Felix Features covered the immediate aftermath of the bombing in Oslo,  the shooting at Utøya, as well as unfolding events the next few days and months, shooting stills. 

To see all relevent still pictures use the term "220711" to search the archive (upper right hand corner)

Stills are also organized in smaller galleries, by theme:

* Collection of some of the most dramatic images of July 22: http://bit.ly/yPVlDY

* Bombing in the center of Oslo and aftermath: http://bit.ly/zGkKtA

* Greif, rose march, reactions: http://bit.ly/zoIHUj

* Utøya : http://bit.ly/xz3IK7

* Soldiers deploy in Oslo: http://bit.ly/nqPk3Y

* Archive pictures relating to terror debate in Norway, pictures from past excercises, anti-terror units etc:  http://bit.ly/yVZ1WA

* First media visit Utøya: http://bit.ly/yGp3id

Felix Features archive also has archive pictures of politicians and other people central to the case.