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Sanitary pads awaiting lining and sewing and packs of the finished product at the Afripads factory. Started by volunteers in 2009, Afripads manufactures reusable fibre sanitary pads. Beginning with a single employee, the company now employs roughly 100 local women and produces approximately 700 kits (consisting of pads, holders and a bag) each week. At USh 12,000 to 15,0000 (GBP 2.75 to GBP 3.40) for a kit that lasts approximately one year, Afripads offer a significant saving over disposables which may cost in excess of USh 42,000 (GBP 9.60) over the course of a year. For the many girls and women who cannot afford disposables, they offer an affordable and more hygienic alternative to rags, cotton wool or toilet paper, all of which are frequently used. At schools where Afripads have been distributed, teachers report that absenteeism has dropped sharply as girls who previously did not have access to proper sanitary pads now no longer stay home when they have their periods.