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Moses (25), a refugee from Uganda who has resided in Kakuma Refugee Camp in north western Kenya since September 2017. In 2015 and 2016 Moses was arrested by the police while attending LGBTQI+ events in Kampala. On both occasions his image was released to the media who used photos of him and other community members in homophobic articles. This led to him being thrown out by his landlord. After moving from place to place he was given some money by a friend in the US to leave the country and seek refugee status in Nairobi. After registering as a refugee he was transferred to Kakuma Refugee Camp in the arid north western quarter of Kenya. Rather than sanctuary, he encountered further homophobia and substandard living conditions: ''Reaching here, I found that place was so terrible and the situation will remain that same situation, that same previous I was facing in Uganda, and the same problem I found myself facing in here''.