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Jessica, a Nigerian prostitute, eating a meal at McDonalds. Thousands of Nigerian women are trafficked into Western Europe every year. They are forced to work in the sex industry to pay back debts of up to $50,000. Having entered Western Europe illegally, the women are pushed to the periphery of society. 95% of the trafficked Nigerian women come from Edo State (Southern Nigeria) where the traffickers have set up their networks.  .The traffickers (madams) control the women through the practice of Juju (voodoo) which is carried out on the girls before they leave Nigeria. The psychological . fear is real for the women. It is a strong spritual, religious tradition in southern Nigeria and is based on the unbreakable bedrock of faith. During the juju ceremony an oath of loyalty is signed between a god, the trafficker and the women. The god keeps the woman's spirit until the debt is paid.