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A family of child IDPs headed by 13 year old Lina. (L-R): Thonchol Akuol, 11, Dongwei Akuol Mayol, 3, Lina Akuol Mayol, 13, Sunday Akuol Mayol, 8, Juach Akuol Mayol, 6, pictured in their temporary accommodation in Pariang. The five siblings make up one of the many child-headed households in South Sudan. Originally from the village of Toor in the far north of the country the children's mother died giving birth three years ago and they do not know the whereabouts of their father. 13 year old Lina now heads the family and struggles to cope with the task. She says, 'We came here because of the crisis, we lived in a village called Toor but people came fighting there, and we left together with a relative, the cousin of my grandmother, and she led us here. I was in charge of the family even in Toor. It was a very hard journey. We have the young children and also my eldest brother he does not see well, he has a problem with his eyes. We hid in the bushes in the day and moved mostly at night.'