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Cleared tree plantations and moorland on the Wildlands ltd. estate within the Cairngorm national park. The U.K. has the lowest forest cover of any nation in Europe at only 13%, less than half the European average (38% across the EU) and an increase of only 1% in the last quarter century. For Scotland, the most northerly of the four nations in the U.K., the expanse is proportionally a little higher, rising from 5 to 19% in the last 100 years. Much of the forest is commercial plantation (which contributes 991,851,000 GBP (1.4 billion USD) to the national economy) but, according to rewilders, are less biodiverse. Only 4% of Scotland's forests are native woodlands.<br />
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The UK rewilding movement draws together diverse groups with a long term vision for wilder cities and landscapes.