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22 year old DInara struggles as an elderly relative of the man who abducted her tries to force a white scarf onto her head. The scarf denotes that she has succumbed to his demands to be married. 3 hours later, she finally accepted his proposal and let her parents know that she was going to stay with Ahmad by a phone-call. However, her parents didn't want to accept the kidnapping and asked Ahmat's parents to propose to her in a formal way. Dinara went back to her home that night. The next day, Ahmad gave her an engagement earring and brought her to his home again. 'I didn't know Ahmad well and didn't want to stay there. But I accepted because this is our tradition' Dinara says. Although illegal, bride kidnapping is common in rural parts of Kyrgyzstan. Each year around 16, 000 women become married after being kidnapped. They are known as 'Ala Kachuu' that translates as 'to grab and run away'. Defenders of the continuation of the practice sight tradition. However, during Soviet Times it was rare, and parents generally arranged marriages..