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Suki (not her real name), spins cotton in her house in Jhaju village. Now 20, Suki was married the age of 12, but only went to live with her husband when she was 14. She, and her two sisters, aged 10 and 15 were married off on the same day by their maternal grandfather while their father was hospitalised. Her husband died three years after she moved in, leaving her with a daughter, now 6, and a son, now 4. She has no parents-in-law and thus returned to her parent's house after being widowed because her brother-in-law, who had become the head of the family after his brother's death, had refused to allow Suki to inherit her deceased husband's fair share of land. Although Suki's father wants her to remarry, she refuses to, hoping instead to be able to support her family through embroidery and tailoring work. The family also makes hand-loom cotton to subsidise their collective household income.