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24 year old Mahamadi Ganemtore irrigating his small farm with water pumped from a nearby dam reservoir. "On the farm we produce tomatoes, onions, cabbage, cucumber? many sorts of vegetables. In a sahelian country like mine, water is an essential resource but access to water is hard. Thanks to PDRD (Programme De Developpement Rural Durable), and the water pump that allows us to irrigate our land, we can now work easily. Before, we used to water our garden with a bucket and that could not allow us to have a large farm. Now, I can enlarge my farm and that brings me more production. When I sell my produce I can buy many more things so my living conditions have improved. I have been able to build a new mud house with two rooms for my wife and three children." Supported by IFAD, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, PDRD provides farmers, women and youth with training and support in its effort to bring sustainable rural development to Burkina Faso...