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61 year old Cletios has been the victim of political violence due to his opposition to the ruling Zanu PF. "For 3 days they [Zanu PF supporters] came to my house. They were singing. They would come twice a day, in the afternoon and the evening. When this happened I would go to the police. What I saw is that a good number of the police were supporting ZPF." He says, "At 12 o clock on 26 June, more than 200 members of ZPF supporters came. All of them were wearing ZPF t-shirts. They were in 2 groups. Each group had a commander. They came to my house and tried to steal the vegetables from my market garden. I didn't allow them. They went away and a bigger group came back. They tried to force open my gate and I threatened the man who wanted to open the gate with a metal rod. I found a heavy rock, weighing about 2kg. I came out of my house and was prepared for a fight where I might die. They ran away."