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Thirty four year old Jihan in the Lavrio refugee camp. <br />
Jihan left Damascus with her husband Ashraf, to escape the conflict. Both husband and wife have extremely limited vision. Starting from the Turkish coast they embarked on a treacherous journey by sea that lasted for 45 hours before arriving at Milos, a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea. Despite holding a red card that grants her legal status and enables her to apply for asylum, Jihan has been in Greece for the past 9 months without any state support and is banned from entering Athens. When she first arrived in the country she was arrested by Greek police in the capital and was 'warned' not to be seen in the city. Destitute and without money for food or shelter, for the past six months Jihan has sought refuge at Lavrio Camp in the Greek coastal city of the same name. An informal settlement, Lavrio is a former Greek military encampment that became a safe haven for Kurdish PKK fighters during the 1970s. Although it is still run by an informal community of Kurdish refugees and asylum seekers, the camp now hosts mostly Syrian families and individuals. Jihan's husband continued the journey northward, managing to arrive in Denmark where he has been granted asylum. Jihan and her sons await re-unification with Ashraf.