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A British Muslim women wearing a veil walks past a speed camera in Burngreave Road. .A one-bedroom flat in Burngreave Road was at the centre of a high-profile court case which led to the prosecution of two men and a woman for sex trafficking offences in 2005. .A 19-year-old Lithuanian woman was rescued from this address. She had been made to work on the streets, bringing clients back to the flat which was also used by her traffickers. The female gang member often accompanied her on the street to help attract punters. The woman was regularly raped and tortured at this address..A Kosovan man was found guilty of rape and jailed for 21 years; an Albanian man was given 16 years for sex trafficking offences and a Lithuanian woman was sentenced to 11 years for false imprisonment..One of a series of photographs of ordinary British streets where trafficked women were forced to work in the sex industry.