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Left: The remains of the Thakari's family house in Saithok, Sindhupalchowk.<br />
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Right: Krishna Bahadur Thakuri (52)and his wife Tika Kumari Thakari (51) have constructed a temporary shelter with salvaged materials near their damaged home in Saithok, Sindhupalchowk. Krishna says: 'This is my house now. I was 24 years old and had a young family when I built my first house. We lived in it for 30 years and raised three children. They are all grown up now. My son is a police man and I'm very proud of him because he's helping to recover people's remains from collapsed buildings in Kathmandu. He helped one lady out alive! But there are not many survivors anymore. He's working in service to his country.' Tika says: 'I still can't imagine what the future will look like. I dream of our house filled with the family all living together again, but we have no money to rebuild and we're getting old now. I feel the future looks bleak.'