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Almond saplings growing in a freshly established orchard. The demand for almonds is booming, especially in China and India where almonds are desired as a healthy non-fattening food. Because of this rising demand, the price of almonds has doubled in the last five years. This is the reason why more and more farmers in the Central Valley plough their fields and switch to young almond trees. However, for the production of almonds, one needs pollinators and lots of water.Beekeeping in the USA is done on an industrial way with bees being transported for thousands of miles all year round. After a winter in warm Texas, beekeepers take their bees to California in February and March. Here they stay for at least six weeks. From the almond orchards they take them to the orange orchards in the same state. Next are the apples and cherry pollinations in Washington State, followed by the blueberry honey harvest in Maine and the cranberry harvest in Massachusetts. By then winter has returned and the beekeepers travel back south where the bees can make an early start the following year.