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Daoud Ahmed Eltahir Ali, 33, from Dafur, Sudan, now living with his wife and son in Birmingham, UK.I am Darfuri, from the Zakhawa tribe, and when the war started the government supported the Arabs, they provided them with weapons. For us (the Zakhawa), and the other non-Arab tribes, this was a big problem. The government recruited militias to terrorise and kill. They destroyed our village. They destroyed the school. They destroyed all they could...At this time I was living in Khartoum, studying at the Nilean University - Faculty of Law. I was the spokesman for the Darfur Student Association at the University. I was arrested many times because we were leading Darfuri students in protest against the government. While the war was going on I could not return to Darfur. The whole time I stayed in Khartoum, while my family was in Darfur. My parents and brother remained in Al-Fashir, but many members of my family - cousins, uncles - they fled to the camps. Even now they remain in the camps. There are many large camps still in Darfur...I was the leader of the student association and I was being targeted by the government. So I decided to leave Sudan. I left in December 2010. First to Addis Ababa, then to Cairo, and then on to London Heathrow. When I arrived at Heathrow they asked me many questions and told me they were sending me back to Sudan. I had a student Visa, but I was not enrolled at a university. They gave me a choice, either they send me back to Sudan or Egypt, or I stay in detention. I decided to stay in detention, as even returning to Egypt was not a safe option for me...After two weeks in the detention centre they interview