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DEU, Deutschland, Germany, Berlin, 18.08.2010.The former and now abandoned Iraqi embassy to communist East Germany in Berlin-Pankow, deserted by its staff nearly 20 years ago, has turned into a dilapidated ghost embassy of the long vanished Saddam Hussein era. The old site built in pre-fabricated socialist style is now diplomatic no-man's land. Most of what the Iraq embassy staff left behind of their abandoned offices in a hurry in January 1991 is still there twenty years later. Germany, German, symbolic picture, Architecture, politics, Iraqi embassy, GDR, East Berlin, East-Berlin.[(c) Stefan Boness/Ipon - Veroeffentlichung nur gegen Honorar (zuzuegl. MwSt.), Namensnennung und Beleg; Kto.: 940165350, Bln. Spk., BLZ 100 500 00; Claudiusstr. 6, 10557 Bln, Phone: ++49-(0)30-3934318,, e-mail:; No Model Release. Vereinbarungen ueber Model Release / Abtretung von Persoenlichkeitsrechten der abgebildeten Person/Personen liegen nicht vor.]