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Anas Ezza, 12, empties charcoal onto a sieve at a coal shop in Bebnine. Anas is from Homs (Syria) and came to Lebanon three months earlier with his family, they live in a tented settlement behind the shops where he works. Anas has two jobs, one in the grocers where he cleans and sorts the produce as well as weighing, bagging and carrying it for customers. He also works in a charcoal shop where the job consists of breaking apart charcoal before weighing and bagging it and then loading sacks into the shop van as well as the vehicles of customers. He works six days per week from eight am until four pm and earns between two and three GBP per day. Proud of supporting his family, he says, 'I work and work and work, maybe seven hours or so. I am helping my family survive, my parents are happy with me, I can't do more for them, this is all I can do to help. I used to think that when I grow up I would run the chicken slaughter house that we have, but of course that never happened and now we are now stuck, between growing old or feeling young. I miss school a lot, we used to have fun, play football, school was nice, I miss sports the most, I miss sports a lot.'