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James Boay, 15, irons his shirt outside a tent in Bor PoC (Protection of Civilians) site inside the UNMISS base in Bor. Just because you live in a tented camp behind barbed wire with heavily-armed UN soldiers protecting you from enemy supporters in the town outside, does not mean you should not make the effort to look your best. So says James Boay, diligently pressing a green shirt with a charcoal iron. 'People look at you differently if your clothes are clean and nice,' he says, proudly, as his elder sister Roda snorted her derision next to him. Scowling at her, he added: 'When we ran from our house in town during the fighting, this iron was one of the things I carried. I feared we would not be back for a while.' He was right: conflict broke out almost exactly a year ago, on 15 December 2013, and has continued sporadically ever since, mostly between members of the Nuer and Dinka tribes. James and his family are Nuer. People living in Bor are mostly Dinka. He and the 2,500 other Nuers in the POC camp risk attack or even death if they set foot outside.