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An operator sleeps on a sofa in the head office of the Great Man-Made River Project in the Tripoli suburb of Qasr ben Ghashir. The capital relies on the water that this system transports from huge aquifers deep beneath the Sahara Desert. However, it is currently not flowing leaving Tripoli dangerously short of fresh water. It has been claimed that forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi damaged the pumping stations during their retreat from Tripoli and, furthermore, some people fear that the water's sources may have been poisoned. However, operators are confident that the system can be restarted once technicians, who fled their places of work to avoid the fighting, return to their posts. In February 2011 an armed revolution broke out in Libya and after six months of fighting it appears that Gaddafi's 42 year regime has come to an end while the former dictator is currently on the run.