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Dongwei Arop, the head of one of the many child-headed households in the country, and his four siblings outside their temporary accommodation in Yida. (L-R): Simon Marieng Arop, 4, Nyamei Arop, 10, Dongwei Arop, 13, and Abigok Arop, 7. The children's mother died two months earlier of an unknown illness, while their father was killed in the current conflict. Dongwei says, 'We have not eaten meat since my mother died. That was two months ago, she had an illness I don't know what it was, maybe malaria, maybe typhoid, but there was no money to go to the clinic or to buy medicines, so she died. My father died earlier in the year in the fighting, he was at the frontline. We had fled the fighting with my mother from where we lived near Bentiu to Pariang some months ago but then when she died we were alone and I just decided we should come to Yida.'