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Ekrema (48) with the Kruscica River behind her. Ekrema was one of the villagers fighting against plans to construct a hydroelectric dam on the river. By preventing heavy machinery from crossing the village's bridge, the only crossing point for heavy machinery, they stopped construction. However, the protest brought riot police and while she managed to escape was later apprehended in the nearby village and dragged into a police car.<br />
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''Women were protecting the bridge in front while men were behind us. We thought the police will not attack women. We were wrong, they did not care. I was in shock. They pull us away, they kicked us, beat us with sticks''.<br />
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''River is nature, nature is tourism. I love our nature, I pick mushrooms, I love our forest, throw it flow our river. I love nature I can't live without her''.<br />
''Our river is our future and I do not let to spoil''.