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18 year old Shelby Povtak, skateboarding at St Augustine beach, Florida. Speaking about the US Presidential election that will be held on 6 November, 2012, when this will be her first time to vote: 'I'm really excited. I've just registered to vote. I've heard my vote's really important, especially in Florida because it's a swing state. The choice is between Obama who has socialist principles and Romney, who doesn't. The key issue is to protect capitalism, which if Obama is re-elected might not happen. If I could, my vote would be libertarian.  Less government is better. I'm taking US government in class, so we discuss all the issues. On family values, I think that you should let people choose for themselves. Oh, is that what the Democrats believe? Well, that's confusing.  That's why I don't really like politics. I'm going to vote for Romney. I want to be a small business. I want to start a clothing line. On international issues, I don't know. It's not really my business, so I try to stay out of it. I will just vote on how the policies affect me and my career goals.' .