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Chai (18) and her brother Song (12) looking for scrap metal. They go up into the mountains for up to a week at a time, spending the day searching and digging and bringing their finds to the roadside. Traders in passing trucks collect the scrap from there. "We can make money for our family doing this and there is no other way for us to make money" explains Chai. "I know it can be dangerous and people in the village have been killed, but we are careful.".Decades on, Laos is still living with the effects of the Vietnam war. Millions of bombs were dropped by US aircraft in Laos in an attempt to destroy the supply lines of North Vietnamese forces. Many remain deadly, with frequent accidents involving unexploded ordnance (UXO). At the same time, ingenuity has transformed the detritus of war, adapting it for multitudinous everyday uses.