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Hussein, 10, pictured with his new prosthetic limbs at his family's accommodation in a collective shelter in Tripoli, Lebanon. Hussein was playing with his siblings and cousins in the living room of his home in Syria when a bomb hit. All were presumed dead and transported to the hospital morgue. The next day as they were preparing the small bodies for burial they found Hussein's unconscious body shaking from the cold and so they rushed him to treat his wounds which resulted in having both legs amputated above the knee. All that the Hussein remembers from this ordeal is feeling a sharp stab of pain and then his feet getting numb before waking up in the hospital where he spent two weeks being treated. 'When I woke up and saw my legs I felt that my life ended; I told my mother I am finished, my life will never be the same again', says Hussein as he painfully recalls the months that passed after his injury. He still cringes now as he relates the pain he felt every time he tried to move or when the doctor used to come to clean his wounds. Hussein, his mother and his remaining siblings came to Lebanon, fleeing Homs (Syria), in early 2014 and they have been living in the outskirts of Tripoli near the beach. 'My dream is to run again' says Hussein. 'We have been living next to the beach and I can see it from the small window in our building; I have been wanting to go with the other kids but no one can carry me', explains Hussein, 'now, I can go on my own.'