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A man working at the government owned Sakha Bult sorting facility stands above the floor which is flooded with blood. Hunters sell their skins to the factory where they are prepared for use in the fur trade where they are made into clothing and rugs.  An explosion of the wolf population has had a devastating impact on the reindeer herds that are the lifeblood for the indigenous Evenki people of the Siberian state of Sakha (Yakutia). In 2012 it was estimated that between 12,000 - 16,000 reindeer were lost to wolf attacks, at a cost of around 15,000 rubles (153.00 GBP) per animal. In response the local authorities introduced a three month hunt with a bounty to encourage hunters to target wolves with the aim of reducing their numbers from 3,500 to 500. Hunters earn 400 USD (280 GBP) per proven kill, plus a further 400 USD (280 GBP) selling the skin to the fur trade. Ion Maksimovic, the region’s most celebrated wolf hunter, killed 23 wolves in 2014, more than any other hunter, and in doing so won a prize of 300,000 roubles (3,060 GBP) and a snowmobile.