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Left: A staircase climbs out of the rubble that is all that remains of Jeet Bahadur Shrestra's house in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. All 16 houses in the community collapsed, leaving nothing but piles of rubble and killing an 18 month old girl. Livestock animals were buried alive and community members worry what will happen when their carcasses begin to decompose. So far they have not received aid from the government, just private donations of rice and other goods.<br />
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Right: Jeet Bahadur Shrestra (35), a school caretaker, with his wife, mother, and three daughters. 'My future is very uncertain. My children's future is really uncertain. How to educate them? To rebuild? I'm unsure. I have no money to rebuild. This is the only land I have, so we have no choice but to stay here.' Jeet and his family live in a temporary shelter constructed of wood beams and tarpaulin with five other families  in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal.