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Tania Pelletier (33) lives outside until the cold forces her into one of the city's shelters: ''I've made a lot of bad choices in my life. The worst was getting into drugs. That was about six years ago, and my life spiralled out of control. I lost my kids, my husband and my apartment. My friends tried to save me, but I wouldn't listen, so I lost them, too. When I entered the shelter, I met James. He was on the run from the cops and couldn't return to his usual haunts, so he checked into a shelter. He's getting his life straightened out, slowly. We're married now. Every year, we stay outside until we can't take the cold anymore. Last year, we eventually went to Margaret's, a drop-in shelter near Sherbourne and Dundas, where we could see our breath at night. We were lying on thin mats covered in sheets on the floor with lots of other people. No hot water. This year, we went inside around the beginning of November, just when it started to get really cold.''