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Katia Mariza Teixeira Matos (29, left) lives with her girlfriend Becky Mathambe (28, right). Becky's family knew her sexuality and was accepting of her relationship with Katia. Katia's family was not. Becky said, ''It was a surprise, because the family was not ready. Her family said she's a woman so she had to raise a family with a man''. When Becky went to South Africa, Katia's family encouraged her to date a man, thinking she needs a man to have a family and be provided for. When Becky returned to Mozambique they returned to their relationship. Becky says to Katia: ''Let's raise a family, have our things, and show to the world that two women are capable too. It's not just a man who can give a woman a good life. We have strength too, we have determination, so let's go ahead''.