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Factory workers package products at Decorplast, a manufacturer and regional exporter of injection-moulded plastic goods. As a result of being able to use machinery and a quarterly list of stocks as collateral, through the use of a collateral registry, the company was able to secure financing from CAL Bank at more competitive rates than previously available. According to company director Indru Mahbubani, as of 2014 the company had assets of over USD 30 million (GBP 17,781,632), and debts of a little less than USD 5 million (GBP 2,963,605), which they hoped to settle in full after concluding a property sale in the course of 2014. International Finance Corporation (IFC) supported initiatives to create a regulatory framework for leasing and establish credit bureaus and collateral registries have improved access to finance for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).