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Left to right: Ye Maw Htoo, Myo Myint and his brother Ye Naing sit in a Burmese run Japanese restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ye Maw Htoo and Myo Myint were political prisoners together in Burma, and Ye Maw Htoo is now married to Myo Myint and Ye Naing's sister, Thin Thin Aye. At 16 Myo joined the army of the ruling Burmese junta, where he lost his right forearm and lower leg whilst laying a mine. The blast also took away his left eye and most of the fingers on his left hand. It was while recovering from his injuries in hospital that Myo Myint made the life altering and dangerous decision to change sides. He joined the new democratic opposition, a choice that would lead to a total of 15 years spent in prison. The documentary 'Burma Soldier' follows Myo Myint's journey from refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border to eventually being re-united with his siblings in the United States, chronicling his transformation from a soldier of Burma's junta to democracy activist; from a political prisoner to a refugee in a foreign land.