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Edan Hansen, 15, from Aberdeen<br />
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I’m finally at Glasgow Comic-Con after a long, long wait. I’ve just seen a Batman figure with its own battering ram and sword; epic-ness levels are at an all time high! Batman is my favourite DC Comics hero, I think. <br />
From Marvel, my favourite is either Thor, or Hulk, or Captain America.<br />
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I am autistic, which means I see the world differently from most other people.<br />
People who don’t have autism are called ‘neuro-typical’.  I find that most neuro-typical people don’t really understand me that well.It can mean that you have difficulty understanding emotion, or interpreting what people really mean when they say things.<br />
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Autism can actually increase creativity though.  It helps you learn with certain things.  It can even improve your memory. The word ‘autistic’ is a bit like the word ‘gay’, in that people sometimes wrongly use it as an insult – like ‘oh that’s gay’ or ‘he’s being a bit autistic’.<br />
Actually, far from being an insult, it can mean something really good. I find reading and writing hard, but I find it really easy to draw, paint and even do sculptures.<br />
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I’m planning to vote yes in the independence referendum because I want my government to be closer to me.