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Families moving to towns, for compulsory education of children, are paid to give up their flock as they are resettled but some take the money and leave their children with grandparents in town while tending the flock. In Zhiduo town, the town is building its first old person's home due to open this year. Grandparents Ginza (woman) and Tashi look after nine year old Yomso while her parents tend the herd far away.Sanjiangyuan - The three rivers headwaters. The Tibetan plateau is the world's third pole, producing fresh water for billions downstream. In China, the future of the nation depends on how this water tower is conserved.  Where the Yangtze, Yellow and Mekong rivers begin, Tibetan nomads are moving to protect the land, its wildlife and in the process their ancient culture from melting away in the face of resettlement and urbanisation..