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On the morning of the wedding Ahmat, 24, the groom, drags a sheep which he has saved for this occasion across his yard, taking it to be slaughtered. Dinara, 22, was kidnapped by Ahmat who wanted to marry her. After resisting for 5 hours, she finally accepted. 'I didn't know Ahmad well and didn't want to stay there. But I accepted because this is our tradition' Dinara says. Ahmat says: 'I had been looking for the right woman for a year and had been to many places but I nevr found the right one. I saw Dinara 10 days before I kidnapped her at a bazaar. I thought - I want to marry her.' Although illegal, bride kidnapping is common in rural parts of Kyrgyzstan. Each year around 16, 000 women become married after being kidnapped. They are known as 'Ala Kachuu' that translates as 'to grab and run away'. Defenders of the continuation of the practice sight tradition. However, during Soviet Times it was rare, and parents generally arranged marriages...