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A child plays in a river beside the road from Bujumbura to Bururi Province. This area is in one of the four provinces in Burundi are severly affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases such as Onchocerchiasis (River Blindness), Schistosomiasis (bilharzia) and STH's (Soil Transmitted Helminths). Each year thousands of local volunteers give up their work for up to 2 weeks to distribute of medicines in their villages for The Distribution Campaign for Neglected Tropical Diseases run by the Ministry of Health. Onchocerchiasis is the world's second-leading infectious cause of blindness and causes serious itching and inflammation of the skin. It is spread by flies that breed by water. Schistomiasis is a form of worms, a chronic illness that can damage organs and cognitive delevopment in children and is spread by playing or washing in infected waters. STH's are intestinal worms which produce a large range of symptoms including diarrhoea, pains, and a general malaise that may affect working and learning capacities and impair physical growth. /Felix Features