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Anuj Peter (30), a gay man and a Program Officer for Blue Diamond Society, a LGBTI organisation. One of the main pressures on young men and women in Nepal, he says, is for them to get married. Anuj was not immune to this pressure: ''To show me as a perfect man I decided to get married with a lady''. Many gay men get married he says. Fortunately, he says, he didn't make that mistake: ''When I get engaged with her, we decided for pre-honeymoon. We went to for the one night and at that time I feel that that was the worst night of my life. When I start kissing her I feel that this is not the person what I supposed to do because that I already that the fun with the boys. And I compare how I feel with the boys and how I feel with the girls because that was the first time I was kissing some girls in the relationship with. So I think if I cannot spend 10 minutes with her in a one room, how can I spend my whole life in that room''. He pulled out of the engagement: ''This is not my right to make her life destroy'', he says. He wishes though that LGBT couples had the same rights as straight couples: ''Sometime you feel alone and wish that Nepal will legalize marriage equality''. Ultimately he just wants the same rights as everyone else. His message to fellow Nepali LGBT community members is this: ''Fight for yourself and fight for your community and the family will accept you. Because there is the love and the connection with the Nepali family''.