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Barry McDonald, 43, events organiser, from Stirling.<br />
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Growing up you never had red-haired role models, only Boris Becker but there were no really famous red heads. I had long red hair but starting going bald in my early 20s so shaved it off. When I lost my hair I was like Samson, all my powers gone! I didn't know I would go bald, my dad said its meant to skip a generation so I went to him and said I thought you said it skips a generation, you liar!<br />
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'You got the usual jibes - ginger top, carrot nose, pull the plug and away he goes which didn’t make any sense but no one likes to be made fun of. Occasionally I grow a big red beard but Ruth [wife] refuses to speak to me until I shave it.' <br />
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'I don’t mind losing my hair. I had a great colour but terrible style. In my dreams I have hair. A full head of hair… Some people dream about family members, I dream about hair.'