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Adut Gatluak, 17, pounds sorghum, with the help of her youngest sister Agau, four, outside their temporary accommodation in Bor, in order to make a meal for her siblings. Adut and her four siblings were separated from their mother while fleeing fighting in their village and, with their father having died in an earlier war, the children now find themselves alone and having to look after themselves. Adut, who in the absence of parents or adult relatives, is now the head of the family, says, 'We are here in these houses which have been lent to us, they are not our home really. We left our home running because there was fighting, people were being killed. Already my father had died in an earlier war here, and now my mother got left behind as we ran away and I do not know to this day where she is. I think that she will be looking after the cows because all of her brothers and uncles are dead or gone, so now even women are caring for the cows in the villages, even though that is not normal at all. I last saw her in February. There is no information since then. I am no longer in school because I have to care for my brothers and sisters and our mother is not here. There is no-one helping me, if there was someone who can help that would mean a better future for these children. I am not sure of my career or what I will do in the future because I had to stop school to care for these children. Yes, I will care for them as long as I need to, which can be many years because the youngest one is four and she needs to be cared for until she finishes school, if my mother does not come back. But I think she will return one day, then she can take over these responsibilities and my life can return to how it was.'