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Gregor Larmour, 16 from Kilmarnock.<br />
I am just about to go into fifth year at school to study my highers which I am not to buzzing about. I am one of the oldest in my year. <br />
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Music is a bit part of my life, I would absolutely love to go into the music industry, its so much fun.  The feeling you get at the end of the show is phenomenal.  Before the show there were nerves but we had worked so hard on it we just thought lets do it we know we can do this, lets have proper fun.  We felt like we had worked so hard towards it.<br />
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I wish that the referendum was not being led my politicians then it would be far easier to understand, it sounds good but is it the truth? People I trust about the ref iare actually my teachers because they are very informed but they have to stay neutral. They are meant to help us figure out how to make a decision.  I hope something will come out to help me make up my mind. At the moment it will be about education because don't know if I will go on to university. I want to be told definitely about education. I am in the middle so that would push me towards one side of the other.<br />
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My dream is to get a record deal, I know it sounds a bit sad but that would make my life complete. I have had three major gigs, one was the girl guides fundraising concert in kilmarnock in march, for their 100th birthday, 80-90 folks.I try to write my own songs, at the moment I do a lot of covers. <br />
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I dont want to stuck in Killie for ever.  We got voted as the worst place to live in Britain by some guy in London who has never been to Kilmarnock to do with unemployment statistics and whatever.  People in East Ayrshire are very genuine, sometimes its a bad thing because they are so honest.  They have no discretion if they are making comments on something.