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Amer Agoot, pictured at the port of Bor. Amer said she did not really feel ready to leave Mingkaman IDP camp, the temporary home to some 100,000 people forced to flee their homes because of conflict, but circumstances there forced her hand. Late one recent night, men came into her tarpaulin-and-stick hut, which had no lockable door, and stole all of her valuables. Having already fled her home in January, these did not amount to many items of worth. 'What they took was some small cash, all that I had left, some cooking oil, a teapot and a blanket,' she says. 'That was a lot for me to lose. Luckily none of us was hurt.' When Amer left Bor, the town where she lived, all those months ago, armed men were fighting in the streets. She still feels it's not safe to return. 'They could come back, I fear that,' she says. 'But I fear being robbed or raped in that camp more, so I had to come home.' She was recently at the port in Bor, registering with the United Nations so she could be given food rations. She had already been to see her home. 'Two of the three buildings in the yard are destroyed,' she says, without expression. 'I will just have to work to find money then start to rebuild. I really hope peace lasts.'