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Martha Adir, pictured with her son Boat, at the port in Mingkaman. Just when she least needed another problem, the engine cut out on the 100 foot (30 metres) ferryboat that was supposed to be carrying a very heavily-pregnant Martha to safety with her family. There she was, crammed in with maybe 80 other people fleeing fighting, with no shade from the fierce sun, adrift on the River Nile in the middle of a warzone, and her waters had just broken. 'Of course if I could have planned things, I would not have planned it like that,' Martha says with a chuckle. 'But what was I to do? It was the time to deliver the baby and everyone knows, you cannot stop that once it has begun.' Her husband was with her, but she laughs long and hard when asked if he helped. 'No, there were others, ladies, strangers mostly, who lay me down and brought me towels and water and helped me,' she says, after her laughter passes. 'I was lucky, it did not take long, and soon the baby was born.' It was a boy, a healthy, strong son that she quickly named Boat, in honour of how and where he first came into the world.