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Mbaysani, 28, looks through the wire fence a the Casa Mineo. He was a soldier in Gambia and fled the country after a failed coup. He made his way to Libya where, along with hundreds of other would-be migrants, he was forced to board one of three boats by local militias. They had no food, water or a captain for the vessels. After six days one of the boats sank and hundreds drowned. Eventually the survivors were rescued by the Italian navy. He now wants to return home to his wife and four children. The Mineo centre for asylum seekers in an old residential compound originally built for the families of US military personnel. It was adapted in 2011 to give shelter to around 2,000 migrants. Today there are more than 5,000 people from different African and Asian countries living there waiting to be either accepted by various European states or deported back to their countries of origins.