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An elderly couple, Monique and Bernard Buunk-Droz, stand on the steps of their house. Elderly people have been asked to stay at home so they are being helped by Alexe Tatadrine who is doing their shopping for them. She is holding their medicine that she collected from a pharmacy and which she will place in a bag at the bottom of the stairs along with their food shopping. They were put in touch thanks to a Facebook group set up to organise people to help and support each other during the coronavirus pandemic. <br />
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Two weeks into Switzerland's lockdown, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, all schools, cinemas, theatres, cafes, restaurants and bars have been closed, as well as all non-essential shops, leaving only food stores and pharmacies open. People have been asked not to go out unless it is essential, and then following social distancing measures, keeping two metres apart and not gathering in groups of more than five people.