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(L-R) Dictor Arak, 15, Miakol Kiir, 14, Guor Path, 14, and Kir Buth, 15, check their net at a swamp where they fish on the weekends, near Yida. The boys, who are all IDPs, fish in order to raise money to buy school books and pay school fees. Dictor, who wants to be a doctor, says, 'I do not want to interrupt my schooling further. You know I was away from class for four months, I need to catch up. But all of my books were lost, so I had to start over again. That’s why I fish. With the money I buy food for the family first, but then also I put it to savings to pay for school materials and fees.' Miakol says, 'When we arrived here we had nothing, no clothes, no pots, no school books, so we had to go fishing. We go for three days and come back on Monday morning for school. It is not hard but you do not earn a lot of money, and the place is far away and far from home. We stay there alone.'