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Sabaad Mohammud Mussa, 23, with eight year old Nagah. She has not seen her husband, who stayed in another village looking after their camels, for eight months. She decided to move near Garadag in the hope of finding water. They used to have 30 camels but 27 have died in the last three months, either to starvation or illness. The same fate befell their 800 goats, leaving just 15. 'Camels are important for us, they are our most important property', she said. 'When we needed some money, we used to sell one camel and buy the things we needed. Now we almost have no camels, and therefore no savings, no income, nothing to eat.' So far, Sabaad has not received much help, neither from Government or NGOs. Her family is not able to offer her much help either. She said: 'We walked for six days before reaching Barbayaal Ciyou; I walked with all the children and we all carried our belongings. I don't even have a phone and I don’t know where my husband is now.<br />
'I decided to leave; we had no clean water and not much food, I wanted to take the children closer to Garagad, hoping to get some help.' Sabaad and her children eat once a day; they eat enjella (a Somali pancake) and rice and tea. She said: 'We have enough food for four days now. In four days time I don't know what is going to happen.' <br />
The Horn of Africa is experiencing a devastating drought with over 11m people threatened by famine.