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Bar in an IDP (internally displaced people) camp.  The ongoing war with the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) has led many of the local population to leave their villages for the relative safety of the towns and IDP camps.  Because very few are left working their land there is a severe shortage of food and most people in the IDP camps are dependent on food aid.      The aims of the LRA are unclear, yet it remains undefeated after 18 years of fighting.  They have  run rings around the Ugandan army even though the core of the LRA consists of only 200 fully armed fighters.   They augment this by kidnapping, brutalising and brainwashing young children into fighting  for them -  so far they have abducted over 20,000.   In 2002 President Museveni launched Operation Iron Fist deploying over 14,000 troops against the LRA, but instead of crushing the rebels the conflict has only escalated..