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Sheila (35, not her real name), a transgender woman, left Mozambique to find work in South Africa after being told working conditions were better there. In South Africa, because of her gender identity she could not find work and turned to sex work to survive: ''What was most difficult for me about this work was that sometimes I had to subject myself to having sex without wearing a condom because the clients said they would pay more if I didn't wear a condom and at that time I had no information on what not wearing a condom was, all I was thinking about was money, I wanted money, I didn't know the risks I would be running''. One of her clients offered her a place to stay to stop doing sex work, however she found herself trapped in a physically abusive relationship: ''I suffered a lot of violence, physical, verbal and psychological because if I said anything he would say 'don't forget what I took you away from, don't forget where you came from you must always remember what I took you away from'''. After one year she returned to Mozambique where she learned she was HIV positive. Now Sheila is a activist educating other transgender women about how to be safe and how to live with HIV.