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Syrian refugee Nujeen Mustafa (16), who is wheelchair bound, is carried from the shore-line to the road having landed on the Greek island of Lesbos after a very rough crossing from Turkey. She and her older sister Nisreen had made the journey along with 40 or so other Syrians. They left their home in Aleppo with their parents over two years ago and had been living in Turkey since. The girls had decided to make the journey so that Nujeen could receive better medical attention for the Cerebral Palsy she was born with which had left her unable to walk. After a very rough crossing, which had left most of the passengers cold and terrified, Nujeen seemed extremely calm and happy. A fluent English speaker, when asked if she had been afraid during the crossing she replied: 'No i enjoyed it. I have never been on a boat before, It was very beautiful. I didn't know if I was going to live or die, but thanks God we are here.'