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Hiroyuki Yamamoto deputy representative of the Japanese delegation during discussions following the end of the meeting, shortly before Japan ws due to take over the presdiency of the Conference on Disarmament. The following day a Japanese government official addressed the conference: 'It is regrettable that this distinguished body, which produced the Chemical Weapons Convention<br />
(CWC), Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) and Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty<br />
(CTBT), remains mired in an 18-year standstill...As the only country ever to have suffered nuclear bombings, Japan knows from its own experience the catastrophic humanitarian consequences from the use of nuclear weapons.'<br />
The Conference on Disarmament, established in 1979, is the only forum for nations to discuss multilateral arms control and disarmament issues. It has a primary focus nuclear weapons control and disarmament. 65 countries, and 38 observer nations, convene annually at the United Nations' Palais des Nations building for three sessions of talks totalling 24 weeks. <br />
Conference on Disarmament. Year 35, 2014 Session 1, Plenary meeting 1308. Presidency of Italy