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Isniino (30) at an MSF Malnutrition Centre with her baby Nastcho (three months) who is being treated there. 'This drought has made us refugees. I can't ever remember it being this bad', she says, 'I was pregnant when I came here nine months ago with my husband and two children. We walked for six days to get here. It was hard because we had no food. My baby is malnourished. We both had measles. I had no breast milk to feed my baby, I was dry. We are hungry all the time. Sometimes we only have small amounts of food, some days we have no food at all. I have been at the clinic for 8 days. My baby is getting better. She was very thin before. Now I am feeding her plumpy and milk. Without help she would have died. She was severely thin she was only just breathing. If we had no water, we would die of thirst. Water is life. There is no other way to get water here apart from the water, which is trucked in to fill the tanks.' <br />
A devastating drought is causing the worst food crisis to hit Ethiopia in 30 years, putting millions of people at risk of hunger and disease.