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HIV positive Pukkie Witbooi outside her family's government house. Doris Witbooi was the mother of three young girls; 11 year old Emily, four year old Monique and two year old Pukkie. Doris had AIDS. Her youngest daughter, Pukkie, has tested positive for HIV too and is currently being treated for TB (Tuberculosis). Neither Doris or Pukkie were on Anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs, only vitamins and pain-killers. Doris's eldest daughter, Emily, had taken it upon herself to do the housework, cook and look after her two younger sisters. She is a mother to them. She had to drop out of primary school to take care of her family. The girls were eventually placed in foster care when their mother became very ill. Doris finally lost her battle against AIDS and her children have been placed in a foster home by a welfare organisation. Pukkie has now been placed on ARV treatment.